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Why Indians immigrate to New Zealand
The hidden story which no newspaper or magazine tells

In a massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on the indian tax payer to increase the profit of google, tata, the indian government and intelligence agencies like R&AW/CBI are employing google, tata supplied goan SEX workers, cheater housewives and other frauds and then wasting indian tax payer money duping countries, companies and people worldwide that these goan PROSTITUTE and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees own the domains including this one, websites of the google competitor causing great financial losses to the google competitor. The google competitor has listed the domains for sale since 2010, yet the google, tata sponsored sex worker, fraud R&AW/CBI employees are not paying the market price of the domain names, and are also not letting the google competitor to sell the domains at a fair price. The online financial DOMAIN FRAUD started in 2010 forcing the real domain investor to post an explicit DISCLAIMER so that more people and companies are not DUPED by the google, tata, ntro. cbi, raw employees.

In most countries, especially developed countries, any expert and exporter who is hardworking, experienced, intelligent and honest would be a valued and treated with respect. However, in India, a single woman engineer and webmaster who has studied in the top engineering college in the country is put under surveillance, subjected to numerous human rights atrocities, her retirement savings of twenty years stolen, and every well connected young lazy mediocre fraud who cheats and betrays her, given a permanent government job with fake references of the woman's experience, qualification and investment.

No wonder, many indians prefer to migrate to New Zealand to escape the human rights atrocities, nepotism and corruption in the country. Any immigration consultant or recruiters offering jobs in New Zealand can send an email to info@textads.in . However, the emails may be stolen by Bangalore's cruel cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, who seems to be extremely well protected and rewarded for her fraud

A few example of the problems, fraud and nepotism faced in India are given below:
Bangalore cybercrime not taking legal action against cheater housewife?
A bangalore based housewife named nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, has cheated this webmaster of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, to build a new house in bangalore. All proof of her fraud have been sent to the bangalore police, but no action has been taken against her. Does anyone know how to take legal action against a known cheater with a powerful gang supporting her, who has exploited a single woman engineer and webmaster ? Does anyone know why mediocre brahmin frauds like nayanshree hathwar are so well protected , why are hathwars so powerful?

How to deal with fake claims of involvement in your online business.
How to deal when mediocre lazy cheater young women with powerful boyfriends falsely claim to be involved in your business to appoint them to permanent government jobs at your expense, after putting you under surveillance for many years

Are all webmasters and online exporters in India under surveillance?
Are all webmasters and online exporters in India under surveillance for more than 4 years, for identity theft purposes, with every fraud who cheats them of their hard earned money, getting appointed to permanent government jobs as reward for fraud by large corporates

Corporates buying fake references of experience for cheater young women?
How to deal with corporates allegedly tata, google, paypal buying fake references of twenty years for inexperienced young lazy cheater women by offering bribes , to appoint them to permanent government jobs in the internet sector at your expense.

Theft of correspondence for experienced webmasters
How to deal with theft of correspondence for experienced webmasters by young women fraudulently appointed to important government jobs which makes it difficult to earn a living. Proof was sent to bangalore cybercrime and a complaint made to goa police, but they refuse to take any action against those responsible.

Additionally rampant corruption in the tech field especially in India will leave most trained engineers disgusted. An experienced electrical engineer who also studied electronics from a top engineering college in India has seen in disgust how her shameless dishonest greedy classmates have given fake refences of twenty years experience to their young cheater girlfriends, who have no work experience as engineers to appoint them to important positions in Indian intelligence agencies like ntro, cbi, military intelligence, raw, ib .
Some examples of flourishing frauds in the tech sector in India are named as
1.bangalore based cheater nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad hathwar, tata power employee according to linkedin profile. , ot even an engineer, but has got fake references as an engineer because of her powerful dishonest friends and a lucrative job, just because she cheated the experienced engineer of her hard earned money.
2. a medical electronics diploma holder in 2012 who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, who has no work experience, specializing in corporate espionage. but has already got fake references of twenty years experience, a lucrative permanent government job because of her powerful dishonest boyfriends. today the cheater siddhi mandrekar instead of being punished, has got the license to steal all correspondence of her victim, indicating the complete lack of morals in the indian tech sector.
3. a lazy slim bsc pass young woman called sunaina, with no experience, who her powerful dishonest cheater engineer boyfriends falsely claim is an engineer with twenty years experience, to give her a permanent job, and great powers, at the expense of the experienced engineer who has got nothing
4. stock broker asmita patel, who allegedly falsely claims to be a domain investor without spending any money
These extremely powerful men refuse to acknowledge their mistake in giving fake references to their cheater young girlfriends , and are busy offering bribes to others to give fake references to their young girlfriends named above. When powerful people in charge of the tech sector are so devoid of morals, inexperienced cheater young women can get fake references of experience overnight as an electronics engineer in india just by seducing powerful men, why should people slog for years to get an engineering degree and experience, they should learn to dupe and seduce powerful men who are not accountable to anyone for their fraud in promoting cheater women with no experience as engineers. Additionally all electronic equipment owned by the experienced engineer subjected to identity theft by the greedy powerful gang, has been hacked by the powerful men

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